Love and security are two essentials required in any home. Karuna Welfare aims to be the closest alternative to family. Here, children receive the attention and love from the Home Parents that is so vital for their growth & development. They are taught to pray and depend on GOD in difficulties and hardships that life throws at us.
One out of two children from the age of six to fourteen have no access to primary education. Today, Karuna Welfare provides quality education to over 2400 children in neighbouring communities. Most of these children are from lower socio-economic backgrounds.
Karuna Welfare partners with like-minded technical institutes to provide vocational training, leadership development and life skills education to our marginalized young graduates. We want them to succeed through life with an occupation or career of their choosing. After they complete the 10th grade, we counsel them to determine their interests, aim and aptitude. They are then admitted to a college or polytechnic institution to complete their courses, diplomas or degrees.
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